Advantages and disadvantages of server virtualization

Nowadays, as the development of technology, the virtualization also evolves and becomes popularly. Instead of hiring more servers or hiring more virtual servers, businesses often think of server virtualization. Server virtualization helps businesses get virtual servers from the enterprise’s own dedicated servers, helping they save costs while maximizing the available resources.

Advantages and disadvantages of server virtualization 1

 What are the pros and cons of server virtualization?

Advantages of server virtualization

– Virtual servers operate independently, without resource contention, security and safeness.

– Server virtualization makes full use of available resources on the physical server as well as reduces the number of physical servers needed.

–  Because the resources are shared to the virtual server, server virtualization helps the server’s resources be radically used.

– Applications on that virtual server can be easily migrated to other hosts, as a virtual server stops working, avoiding the downtime of the application.

– Without investing money in physical servers for applications, businesses can save significant cost by using server virtualization.

– Server virtualization is especially helpful for demo programs and running experiments.

Server virtualization

Disadvantages of server virtualization

–  Calculation of the resources for each virtual server needs to be done carefully. If the requested resource of the app is more than the resource is granted, it can not run or run with poor performance.

– A 64-bit processor is compulsory on the physical server. However, the fact is that there are not many applications can work on 64-bit processors

– For those who are small businesses, the cost of virtualization software, server virtualization management expertise and management applications is very a big concern when they intend to virtualize their servers.

– Sometimes, the available network configurations of the enterprise can not be compatible with virtualization software.

While there are still some downsides, no one can deny the great advantages and great benefits that server virtualization brings to the business. Thanks to server virtualization, enterprises not only save money but also use scientific and effective resources.

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