Why should Apple buy Tesla and let Elon Musk become CEO instead of Tim Cook?

Apple lost the pioneer image under Tim Cook time, while Elon Musk became a symbol of endless creativity. The Apple house is becoming less and less innovative and less able to sustain growth as before. Meanwhile Tesla is full of these factors. Elon Musk is totally a hottest technology trend. But it is not guaranteed to be financially secure, lacking cash for bold projects. That is why Apple should buy Tesla and put Elon Musk as CEO. This interesting tech news will show you why.

At the present, Elon Musk embodies unlimited creativity. He brings us closer to the dream of space travel and opens a new era of energy.

In reality, Elon Musk’s Tesla is severely impoverished. While, Apple surplus cash along the same operating cycle to the boring. The company owns a leading range of brands in its field, thereby maintaining a record annual profit margin.

Apple should buy Tesla to return to the old image.

Apple should buy Tesla to return to the old image.

Even the easiest people agree that Apple is good at capturing the user experience and selling the ecosystem rather than creating new products. But just holding the current customer list is not enough.

Meanwhile, Tesla shows incredible creativity, contributing to social change in some areas. All come under clear commitment to a future for clean energy and design optimization. Electric vehicles, energy storage systems, solar roofs, Neuralink connect brainstem – and they can not stop there.

The company also showed that the pace of development was dizzying, but lacking stability, stocks rise and fall erratically. Not to mention, each car sold out causes the company to lose thousands of dollars.


Tesla burned the money so but why are their stock prices still rising? Investors are pouring money for a successful Tesla in the future. They trust the value they spend not lost anywhere, but will flourish at a rapid pace. But after all, it is a gamble to bet on the future, not to help Tesla win the current stability.

Perfect combination

If Apple bought Tesla, they could expand into promising areas. They are stuck in a rut of computers, tablets and smartphones that have yet to break out to diversify products.


Why have to put Elon Musk as CEO? Because Tim Cook is a purely economic manager in the guise of focusing on consolidating and defending the heritage and at the same time knowing how to drive growth. In short, Cook was born not to create the revolution that made him a mighty empire.

Apple will return to creative and pioneering imagery in many areas, like the late Steve Jobs if Musk was in Tim Cook’s place. It is very difficult for Tim Cook to voluntarily resign as the machine he runs regularly brings in huge profits. Elon Musk becomes the CEO of Apple: That will only be in the dream. But wishes Tesla had enough money to turn his creative ideas into reality.

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