Three persuasive reasons make you willing to spend money to buy Galaxy S8 right now

The heat radiating from the attraction and breakthrough of the Samsung Galaxy S8 from Samsung is still high on the global technology market. It must be said that the Korean technology company has shown a very good grasp when affirming its worthy position in the technology arena, surpassing all competitors, including rivals Apple is still losing significantly.


Creative design is different from other smartphones

First and foremost, the core of the most impressive is the looks and design – which is the general rule applies to the entire smartphone world today. Of course, the Galaxy S8 is no exception, and in essence, they have made great use of this factor to raise the level. The design of the Galaxy S8 is unique in the market. Innovative creativity from Samsung experts has yielded a great result, with an enchanting outer layer, smoother but no less luxurious.


The most striking feature here is the infinity display Infinity Display. Specifically, Samsung has taken the lead in a new design trend for high-end smartphones, continuing its tradition with its wide-screen concept and the curved screen that has been so successful before that the world over. The whole technology market, including Apple, also has to go with the big screen standards, while the curved screen is the only Samsung exclusive, making it a distinct mark for its Galaxy S line.


With this bold move, the Infinity Display as an all-rounder and comprehensive improvement between wide screen and curved screen catalyze the unique curvature of Samsung’s unique edge. With a combination of large screen sizes and minimalist bezel – no real increase in size – the same SuperAMOLED screen technology platform will surely deliver a crisp and satisfying experience across all tasks.

Gather the latest in modern technology


Just a few years ago, fingerprint security technology was still a luxury for every smartphone product and only the flagship has the opportunity to own. However, today it has become a standard too common even in basic mid-range machines.


As a result, Samsung has stood up to make a breakthrough with the iris recognition security platform through the front panel sensor. Surely, the reliability as well as convenience will be much advanced than the old fingerprint scan but can be annoying when the user’s hands stick a little moisture will be difficult to manipulate.

Reach the pinnacle of the back camera, a powerful upgrade to the front camera

The front camera is favored with an 8 megapixels resolution, which comes with the widest aperture of the f / 1.7 smartphone market, giving clear shots even in low light conditions. The SmartAutoFocus autofocus technology is also a bright spot as any photo memories will be processed quickly.


The back camera still has the same aperture of aperture, but it’s equipped with Dual Pixel technology for fast focusing, capturing every moment and vivid frame to every detail. If there are still 12MP dots, keep in mind that large pixel sizes of up to 1.4μm also play an important role in improving image quality. Take a look at the camera of the iPhone 7 just reached so, they recognize the real factors rather than blindly develop a facet on the camera.

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