How To Fix The Slow Website

how to fix the slow website 2

You build a website to reach users, but it’s too slow to access. Having a slow website is a nightmare because you lose potential customers, readers. After all, no one wants to visit a slow-loading website, so if you want to keep your customers, it is the time for you to fix this problem. In this article, I will show you the reasons for the slow website and the solutions to solve.

Slow Website Due To Network

The first thing to note is that the delay of your website may be caused by the internet. The way to determine whether this problem comes from the network or not, you should try to load another site and see if it can also be slow. If it is, then the error is due to the network, not the website. Otherwise, it could be a problem with your site.

The next step is to run a traceroute from your computer to the server; This will show the network connection between the site and the server. To test this, Google needs the necessary traceroute code for your computer and then puts it into the cmd of the computer.

Another option is that you can ask your friends or family living away from you to load your website. If they have quick access while you do not, then it is most likely a network problem.

Slow Website Due To Web Hosting

Sometimes web pages load slowly due to hosting. You see, a hosting is like a motor, it only works when someone clicks on your site. Your browser notifies the web hosting by asking it to send data to your website so that the website can be loaded into the browser. However, if hosting has poor quality, the transmission of data will be extremely long.

Some types of slow web hosting:

  • Free hosting, of course, you will not be able to demand high with a free product.
  • Poor hosting comes from poor vendors.
  • Or you site too large lead to the hosting package cannot meet the demand. Then upgrade the package to make the website work better.

Slow Website Due To Database

An initial site will run quickly, but when it gets older, it will start to slow down, taking more time to load. The reason is that the web’s database has grown up in use. As website development becomes more and more data is loaded into it, the web is slower.

To determine if your database is affected, perform a speed test on your site. To check for database problems, you can watch lots of tutorials on websites like YouTube. Therefore, do not be stressed because this is an easier problem to diagnose and fix than you might think.

Final Words

Having a slow website can be a total nightmare as it can directly affect your profit goals. So you should pay attention to this problem to solve it as quickly as possible.

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