Little known to the general public, Red Hat has existed since 1993 and specialized in the development and distribution of free software.IBM AND THEIR NEW INVENTION


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Falsely equated with free, open source reduces the dependence of company vis-à-vis a publisher. It is not less a prosperous market. By acquiring Red Hat for 34 billion dollars, IBM relies on the development and distribution of open source software solutions.

It is neither more nor less than the most expensive acquisition of the history of the most emblematic brand of IT. Converted into the services and the supply of software solutions, IBM thus puts the hand on a specialist of the open source software for the companies.

Little known to the general public, Red Hat exists since 1993 and has specialized in the development and distribution of free software, programs that, like the Linux operating system, can be downloaded for free, duplicated and modified to emulation. An economic model no longer based on the sale of software, but on associated services: installation, training, technical support, storage, and data security, etc.


We have known Watson – IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI), a “champion” champion when he can participate in diagnosing cancer and life insurance.

IBM And Their New Invention1

So far, according to tinVox (USA), Watson’s cousin has even completed a task that requires much more sophistication: inventing perfumes, and soon they will be on sale at about 4000 points in Brazil.

Famous perfume brands often hold the scent of scented recipes. But recently, German manufacturer Symirise for customers is Avon and Coty, has reached an agreement with IBM to see if the AI ​​can be used to help modernize its process.

According to Datanami, IBM created an algorithm called Philyra to study the fragrance and customer data formulas, then create a new perfume inspired by what was learned. The first result of this combination is the two new scents – soon to be on sale at the famous Brazilian beauty store O Boticário. However, a Symirise spokesman declined to confirm with Vox that exactly what fragrance was invented by AI.

However, this is a sure sign, suggesting that AI innovations are beginning to spread to the world of consumer products. And maybe coming here, if you were invited to try a perfume sample that would no longer be human formulas.

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