Galaxy Note7 will be sold under the name Note7 R at the end of June

This could be seen as a positive signal for consumer demand and the overall smartphone market as well as for Note 7 in particular, latest tech news said. Korean best tech news sites reported that the Galaxy Note7 will be officially redistributed and released by three mobile operators in South Korea by the end of June. It is reported that Samsung will release a radical fix for defective smartphones from the previous recall, and will be cheaper than the original obviously.

This is the first time that Samsung and its affiliates have reached an agreement to cooperate in the sale of such reclaimed products. This is considered a move to revive sales of cheap mobile phones in the domestic market. Expected, the number of reissued Galaxy Note7 will be 300,000 machines, quite significant compared to the total of 3-4 million replacement changers from all brands in Korea.


Senior management from Samsung Lee Myung-bak said, Note 7 included in the re-release plan were adopted through Samsung’s latest safety and quality testing procedures after the incident, and It will be available for sale in both online and offline stores.

According to sources, the battery capacity of Note 7 can be reduced to about 3200mAh instead of 3500mAh as before. Samsung Electronics and Yitong’s network are undergoing negotiation on the final lump-sum price, which is likely to reach $615, down from $ 875 before. In addition, the device’s name can be added to the letter R (synonymous with Refurbished – Refurbished Equipment only).

This decision by Samsung is not necessarily groundless, as the Galaxy S8 and subsequent Galaxy Note generations that have been evaluated in terms of their future potential are more prominent, hence concerns about revenue insertion. Forcing each other will not be too significant. The Galaxy Note7 R will be more or less a stepping stone for Samsung’s sleek smartphone lineup, as well as giving consumers a clue to the launch of Note 8 in late August/early September.


Currently, the resale of the Galaxy Note 7 R is not restricted by any government regulation or policy.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Korea personally reviews and evaluates potential risks to this equipment and establishes a user manual. This is understandable when it comes to a product that has had a bad impression of safety in the past. Even though Samsung is open to reselling the revised Galaxy Note 7, there is no 100% guarantee that there will not be any repetition, said one member of the institute, especially when it was a technology product.


Yoon Moon-yong, director of information and communications at the Green Consumer Alliance, said: This could be seen as a positive signal to stimulate demand for consumers and the overall smartphone market,  as well as Note 7 in particular. Of course, caution should be taken with all possible risks.

The demand and the amount of people who care about the resale of this Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be huge. An international analyst firm – 3KH – has conducted a potential market survey for Note 7 R via an official blog. And  surprise, 96% of respondents said they were ready to pay for it. Maybe Samsung will be the happiest person to hear this news!

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