Email marketing advertising is no stranger to businesses. Low-cost email marketing services are interested in many small and medium enterprises because the investment cost for marketing is not too high. Therefore, choosing a cheap email marketing service with good quality will bring small benefits to businesses. Currently, email marketing is a strategic advertising channel used by many businesses. On the market, there are many providers of cheap email marketing services for selected businesses such as MailChimp, Benchmark Email, VerticalResponse … These are the leading email marketing service providers in the world and have free packages.APPLE MACBOOK PRO MOST LIKELY MORE EFFECTIVE THAN OLDER TYPES OF PROCESSORS


This is a cheap email marketing service provider and is also free. You can use the paid version to use more functions better.

The lowest cost for online email marketing with Vertical Response is $ 22 / month. With this email marketing service package, you can send an unlimited number of 1000 email addresses. The highest cost to buy their email marketing is $ 212 / month.

Of course, you can use their free email marketing service. But with their quote, the cost of email marketing is very cheap. There is no reason for you to limit your campaign effectiveness.


This is a very popular low-cost email marketing service provider. Moreover, many people use their free bulk email service. Mailchimp is often used to send product introduction emails, customer care emails, quotes, instructions. But there is a deadly disadvantage of MailChimp, which is a very high rate of emails falling into spam. Spam email rate is about 10% if sent in bulk. For a cheap email marketing service, this is acceptable. But it is only fine for promotional emails, and for customer care email purposes, this rate is very worrying. The lowest cost for this bulk email software is $ 25 / month.


With this cheap email marketing service, you can use it to create a complete email plan. Its email marketing tool is very powerful when you can design email before sending.

The emails are beautifully designed and professional. However, if you abuse it, it will become spam or email advertising. This is really a cheap email marketing service when you only need to spend $ 11.95 / month. But the maximum email list that can be sent is limited to 600.

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