Microsoft Edge has taken to the next level with these improvements

Some are learning other browsers but some are competitive, latest technology news informed. In the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft has improved a lot of the Edge browser, making it finally a browser worth mentioning. Although initially not favorable on Windows 10, Edge has gradually asserted its position through Anniversary Update and now Creators Update with the latest technology in computers.


Of course, Edge can not keep up with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, it now has some improved features and may outperform the competition. Here are the 5 latest innovations you should try.

Arrange tab

At Creators Update, Edge gives you two new ways to manage your browser tabs.

The first way: put the tabs aside.

People who frequently open large numbers of tabs at the same time can now temporarily disable those tabs. Simply open some of the tabs you want to save, hover your mouse on the upper left corner of the screen and click the window icon with the left arrow. Click this button and the open tabs will be flattened and lumped into one corner.


To reopen these tabs, simply click on the icon to the left of the tab collection icon. As soon as clicked, there will be a list of tab groups that you have included previously. Click on the group you want and the tabs will immediately appear, which are grouped into a window as before being flattened.


A small limitation of this feature is that you cannot select tabs from the included groups. Not only that, you cannot name groups to be easy to distinguish. Remember the image thumbnails of the tabs to avoid confusion.

The second way of locating the tab is easier.

This is an extensible feature of Edge’s tab preview capabilities. In the past, you could just hover over the tab to reveal a small preview window of the content, but now you can get an overview of the contents of the tabs instead of tabs.


To use this feature, you can click on the upon arrow icon at the far right of the tabs. Click on the upper arrow icon and the preview content of the tabs will pop up above the address bar. Click again to close.

Read the Ebook on the browser

For PC users, this is not a remarkable feature, but the story of Windows 10 tablet users is quite different. Tablet users will no longer have to switch back and forth between browser and Ebook reader software.


Although not able to read copyrighted Ebook files like the Kindle, Edge can still read DRM-free e-pubs such as the Harry Potter series or Ebooks purchased from the Windows Store.

In addition to the ability to adjust the font, Edge can also read the Ebook files. Of course, the robot voice cannot be conveyed, but at least he can hear it.

Let’s wait for other reviews of new update for Microsoft Edge in our upcoming tech articles.

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