Email marketing services are one of the most effective ways for you to share messages, sell services and build good relationships with your customers. In fact, companies that regularly send automated emails will have a 133% chance to send mail that corresponds to the customer’s buying cycle. Automatic email campaigns account for 21% of email marketing revenue.

In short, email marketing services are an issue that should be taken seriously and if you are taking steps to interact with existing customers or potential customers, you will need an email marketing tool to help you manage the list. , connect, campaign effectively.

Follow the following article and find out what you should consider when choosing the right email marketing solution provider for your business.NOTES TO CHOOSE THE BEST EMAIL MARKETING SERVICES FOR YOUR BUSINESS


MailChimp is one of the most accessible email marketing platforms in the world today, with about 7 million users worldwide. For small and medium businesses that send weekly or monthly newsletters along with regular campaigns, and focus on social media, this tool will be an ideal choice. About Analytics, MailChimp integrates with Salesforce, WordPress and GA. The platforms also communicate seamlessly with Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Instagram.

Mailchimp’s platform allows you to automate templates, customize email and add design to your mail easily. Although the platform supports interface and integration effectively, if you are looking for a backend development support tool, Mailchimp is somewhat limited. According to a recent report, MailChimp showed an average open rate of about 22% across all key areas.


GetResponse is a flexible, flexible email marketing tool that offers an excellent return on investment because the price will depend on the size of the company and the number of contacts available at the time of registration.

With 500 pre-designed templates provided by user-friendly editing software, along with intuitive list building tools, you can create fully integrated interactive campaigns on GetResponse. There is no need for super technical knowledge. GetResponse has some of the best Salesforce integration software on the market and is greatly appreciated for providing 24/7 customer reporting and rewarding user guides. If you are building a source-based campaign, GetResponse will allow you to export files from multiple formats and provide statistics including the best performing email templates and order abandonment rates.


For a business in the field of e-commerce, SendinBlue is particularly effective. This platform provides user-friendly email design tools as well as many backend ranges for developers who want to add additional functionality to their email campaigns.

One of SendinBlue’s most useful features is that it allows you to synchronize your contact list from most major platforms, meaning that if you are dealing with a large number of the target audience, you can easily manage content with SendinBlue.

The analysis includes detailed information about open email locations, device types and advanced transactional email options than most email marketing tools on the market today. These functions include targeted SMS messages associated with your email, besides specific customized messages for customers including ‘purchase’, ‘remember your password’ and ‘to back the product in cart ‘.

To take full advantage of SendinBlue’s potential will require a bit of technical knowledge, however, with the cooperation and support from within the company, this can also be a powerful resource for e-commerce businesses.


ActiveCampaign’s drag and drop interface is a great way to create rich content campaigns with high speed and accuracy.

The platform has a range of sophisticated sales and marketing automation features as well as a huge free image library, image archives, and real-time analytics to help track the real performance of the campaign when it goes into implementation.

One of the selling points of this tool appeals to large-scale businesses or dynamic young businesses that provide A / B tests. This function is easy to set up and often paired with real-time analysis; it shows efficiency when optimizing campaigns that bring the maximum ROI.

Selecting an email marketing tool that best suits your needs may not be easy, but if you can ask appropriate questions, on measurable goals clearly and take time to comprehend Understand the options, make sure you make the right decision.

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