Currently, there are many different types of web hosting services. Therefore, before you click on the registration button to use the service from any provider, you need to know your website is really suitable for the type of website, whether your budget is sufficient to meet or not, what kinds of popular web host services are available on the market. Whether you are starting an online business or are looking to develop your online business, this article can be of little help to you.THE MUST-HAVE FACTORS OF CLOUD HOSTING


With this service, your website is hosted on a server that has been shared with many other websites. The benefit of subscribing to this service is that it does not require technical knowledge and is cheap due to the amount of money paid for sharing with many people.

However, the biggest drawback of Shared Hosting also comes from sharing your storage space. When the visit suddenly increases on this website, the speed of other websites will be slowed down. This is worrying if you share a server with a famous website.

Most people when starting an online business will choose to register shared hosting service to minimize costs and also because their traffic is not too high.


Reseller hosting package is basically a shared hosting package with more advanced tools that allow you to resell your storage space. The reseller package comes with technical controls, payment support software to help you bill your customers and many other privileges.

If you are intending to do web hosting business, reseller web hosting package is a perfect choice. In contrast, you should still use shared hosting if you are just starting a regular online business.


Cloud web hosting is a new technology for hosting, providing storage space to help hundreds of separate servers work together, all creating a huge server. The idea here is that, whenever demand increases, hosting companies only need to add hardware to make the network more open.

The advantage of cloud web hosting is that if suddenly traffic increases suddenly, the web hosting package can still meet the demand rather than suspend your website.

If your website is on the rise and you are attracting more traffic, this is probably the first plan you should consider to upgrade your storage space.


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server temporarily translated as virtual private server. VPS hosting allows splitting a physical server into multiple virtual servers, running in the form of sharing resources from that original physical server. Each VPS has its own RAM, own CPU. The resources provided for each VPS are completely separate and you do not need to share with other websites. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about website overload or security issues like shared hosting.


When you have a dedicated server that means you are hiring a physical server from a hosting company. You have complete control (called root privileges in Linux) if you want.

With a dedicated server, you no longer have to worry about other websites taking up resources and slowing down your site. And it is easy to understand when the cost of a dedicated web server is significantly higher than Shared hosting.


This is a hosting service where you need to equip your server yourself. This means that you are completely responsible for your server software, as well as backup procedures, In fact, hiring locations and doing all the rest is unnecessary. , unless you hold some technical tips.

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