Along with the strong development of hosting services, customers have more and more diverse options than hosting service packages, each service pack has different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, understanding the current hosting service packages is extremely necessary.SOMETHING TO KNOW WHEN CHOOSING WEB HOSTING SERVICES


Shared hosting means that many customers share the use of a service provider’s server. Fully shared servers will be managed by service providers, customers can only manage personal accounts and website maintenance. The strength of this hosting package is the price – it can be said that the cost of this package is the cheapest in the current hosting packages. But also because many customers share a server’s resources, it will inevitably affect the operation of websites.

For example, if the number of visits to one of the websites saved on that server skyrocketed, it would slow down the speed of access to other websites on the same server, not to mention network security issues. , information security due to shared use. Another weakness of this service package is that customers cannot install their own applications because they cannot directly manage the server and because the service provider wants to ensure a stable environment for all customers.


Customers of this hosting package are fully equipped with a server that meets the specific requirements, for example, customers can buy servers from suppliers like Dell or HP. The service provider only plays the role of receiving the server from the customer, arranging the location of the server, providing the operating power and connecting the server to the network. In stark contrast to the shared hosting service package, where customers are fully active in managing server maintenance, the service provider is only responsible for maintaining network connectivity and power supply. Continuous operation for the server. In some cases, customers using this service package may receive management support from the service provider.


This hosting service package is quite similar to the hosting service package for renting a location and network connection, except that there is only one point that the customer must hire the server from the service provider instead of equipping itself. Therefore, the price of this service package is usually quite high. Besides, the level of support that customers receive from the service provider is relatively limited. Most of the support is at the general level, so customers need to ask the service provider to specify the level of support. This type of service can be very good for applications such as online games, but it is not sufficient for business applications that require quick response and absolute stability.


Hosting services with support servers are the same as hosting services with unsupported servers, only one thing is that customers get more support in managing and maintaining servers as well as security and quality assurance from the service provider. Management support services can include real-time server management, hardware warranty, frequent updates of security fixes and many other support services. However, you also need to ask the service provider to specify the management support services that come with the service pack.

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