Technology giants are suffering a new headache from President Trump’s new decree

According to business technology news and IT news websites, President Trump’s new decree will modify the rules about H1B visa. President Trump’s prescription will likely also require companies to pay a huge fee for hiring migrant workers. It is obviously making it difficult for many modern technology companies, especially giant techs like Google, Apple, Facebook,…


Introduced in 1990, H1B visas are the type of visa the US government provides to highly skilled foreign workers so they have the right to remain in the country to work for companies who unable to find the suitable local manpower. While H1B’s primary purpose is to help companies, especially technology companies, find talent employees, it has been used by many companies to replace American workers with migrant workers. Because this group is willing to receive lower wages than Americans.


In fact, a lot of big companies like Disney, Oracle, Cisco … are hiring a lot of migrant workers, typically from India and China, for jobs which use to be done by Americans. Many companies even run the law by not directly recruiting but transferring to outsourcing companies specializing in outsourcing. The three largest outsourcing companies – Tata, Infosys and Cognizant. They all come from India and have branches in the United States. They often applying for a large number of H1B visas and bringing many engineers from India to the US each year.


Migrant workers often work in the Information Technology field. But they are rapidly spreading to other areas, leaving the Native Americans themselves to lose their jobs.

Faced with this situation, the authorities decided to take part in. President Donald Trump is expected to sign a decree tightening the hiring rules. It requires companies to hire Americans whenever possible. The new regulation will also require companies to pay migrant workers equal wages to indigenous peoples to avoid unfair competition in the job market.

Trump has previously called for a complete abolition of the H1B visa. But this will be difficult to implement because it needs approval from Congress. And huge tech companies are recruiting migrant workers like Google, Apple, Facebook… will definitely petition.


It can be said that the abolition of H1B will be unlikely in the near future, but tightening rules with the recruitment of foreign workers will undoubtedly cause difficulties for large technology groups. The Trump order would most likely also require companies to pay a large fee for hiring migrant workers.

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