From the past to the present, IBM is famous for the servers that are designed to provide for companies, server leasing services or other businesses that always have superiority in performance, stability rather than concentrating on other aspects. IBM has recently begun to introduce its fourth generation of servers to compete with other vendors in the market where cloud services and its applications are crowned.THE SPECIAL POINT OF IBM 4TH GENERATION SERVER


According to information sources, the server is upgraded and designed by IBM to expand its capabilities and comprehensive capabilities when using cloud-based applications and business analysis for Enterprise owns servers with X86 technology.

And in this fourth generation, IBM announced that it will release a total of 4 servers, respectively IBM System X 3650 M4, X 3550 M4, X 3500 M4, and IBM Blade Center HS23. The outstanding feature of all four servers is that they integrate with the latest processing technology of Intel’s Xeon E502600 chip with the ability to support powerful virtualization and resource management. level, ram, far more efficient than other generations of the same generation.

According to an analyst who specializes in the server date field, with this latest server line, it may be sufficient to meet the increasing demands for future server systems, especially applications. , developing according to the virtual flower cloud platform needs quick calculations and adjustments, this type of server will meet all. Since then, it can be seen that although IBM is not very focused and complicated, its shelves but they keep a good development way of always focusing on what needs to be developed to maximize time and costs for research.

And according to the announcement of the company, these 4 server lines will be priced quite competitively without much difference compared to the 3rd generation server lines that are followed by the warranty and customer care regime throughout 24/24. Customers can go to IBM Vietnam office to experience the utilities that this 4-line information server can do.

Of all the four lines that the manufacturer might have, the blade-type server, IBM BladeCenter HS23, is most thoroughly introduced with the ability to maximize the performance provided to businesses with high demands on this issue.

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