Things you should know about Cloud Server

Cloud Server is a virtual server; it is created from a highly secure and scalable virtualization infrastructure. This infrastructure consists of several physical servers linked together. Each server plays a different function: firewall, storage, computing, data backup. The characteristic makes Cloud Server special is its high availability. The virtualization infrastructure allows the server to self-replace or change when there is a faulty server; this feature helps the system to run smoothly as well as maximize the uptime of the cloud server.

Things you should know about Cloud Server

The infrastructure of Cloud Server

Everything about Cloud Server infrastructure is designed to provide an unmatched platform for both individuals and businesses from large to small. The focus on core value rather than profit is maintained through each layer of service.

How can Cloud Server support VPN?

Cloud Server supports site-to-site VPN. Thanks to this point, you can securely connect to a Cloud Server environment as well as a local VPN connector:

  • IPsec VPN is based on the IKE protocol.
  • Use VMWare’s vShield Edge technology.
  • The tunnel between site-to-site and client-to-site.
  • Use firewall for VPN.
  • Managed by intermediary support services.

Cloud Server backup capabilities

Cloud Server is developed on the basis of cloud computing technology, in addition to offsite data backup mode, it also has the onsite backup mode, ensuring data from the server of the customer is absolutely safe. No data will be lost because of user error, hard drive failure, virus attack … All data is automatically backed up in the cloud.

Functions of Cloud Server

Functions of Cloud Server are extremely diverse, they include:

– Game server.

– Data Backup.

– Multi-service website hosting.

– Platform development.

– Provide server for the corporate email system.

– Run live media programs.

– Provide virtual environments for virus analysis, programming, research and other important tasks.

–  Storage of data.

Cloud Server Management Protocols

The management protocols are various, including:

– Manage through the web interface.

– Manage through the connection protocol right on the terminal such as PC, tablet, smartphone …

Which Cloud Operating Systems Does Cloud Server Support?

Unlike VPS, the cloud server supports a variety of operating systems, regardless of the operating system of the other Cloud Servers. Cloud Server’s operating system includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix.

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