Top 5 Strengths Of Cloud VPS

Top 5 Strengths Of Cloud VPS

Server technology is growing, becoming smarter with many breakthroughs, one of them is Cloud VPS. Cloud computing is widely used in data storage, information on the Internet environment. The presence of Cloud VPS has helped to solve the problem of data storage with exceptional scalability. The following are the five strengths of Cloud VPS making customers satisfied absolutely!

Cloud VPS Resources

Unlike some shared web hosting, cloud servers always divide resources (RAM, CPU) explicitly for the web. It is similar to a dedicated server. On this VPS, the user’s resources are always protected absolutely.

High Speed And SSD Storage

SSD performance of cloud virtualization is extremely fast and dynamic. I/O time and congestion are almost eliminated. If your site has high-performance web applications installed or database intensive, then you need SSD performance.

Easy Scalability

Like dedicated servers, virtual cloud servers are resources that are used exclusively for the user’s purposes. Song cloud VPS is much easier to extend than the dedicated server. For dedicated servers, increasing the CPU’s performance will mean that a technician needs to replace the CPU of the server itself or move your site to a new computer. This will take several hours or even days to complete, of course, downtime will occur. As for Cloud, users can extend CPU performance immediately by multiplying and increasing RAM. No need to replace the hardware, no need to move your site. Of course, your site will remain operational and run normally.

Self-Healing Hardware

Unlike other types of hosting, Cloud can recover itself. This means that if a node fails, your cloud VPS will be automatically routed to another node. In a cloud environment, hardware failure is not synonymous with downtime.

 Full Control

With cloud VPS you have full access to root, panel settings, web applications, software installation as needed and custom operating system. It also has full control over what you want to put on your cloud server. The VPS cloud is all about the freedom to do what you want to do.

Bottom Line

Cloud VPS is used popularly, many businesses believe and choose it to operate their companies. Therefore, don’t hesitate to consider this great service. However, for large websites with high traffic volume, enterprises need to choose the server hosting package to ensure the stability of the website. With the small and medium sites, just choose whether to buy cheap hosting or the virtual private server that can ensure stable and good operation.

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