What is a Reseller Hosting?

What is a Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting allows you to split the small hosting packages that correspond to the specifications to provide the end user. You can use hard drive space and bandwidth to manage websites on behalf of individuals or other entities. In simple terms, you can open your own hosting company.

Understand About Reseller Hosting

The best way to understand about reseller hosting is to imagine the factory and reseller

Who Uses Hosting From The Reseller?

Entrepreneur or individual has just started the business, web design companies or individuals sell hosting as an attached service. In short, everyone can use reseller hosting.

Success Factors Of Reseller Hosting

  • Brand: We create products, you build brand yourself and sell it
  • SSD: Boost performance that affects page load time
  • IP Internet Address
  • WHMCS: Bill Payment Software
  • MYSQL: Data Management Software
  • FTP: Used to convert files over hosts
  • cPanel: Allows you to manage your websites

Characteristics of Reseller Hosting

  • No registration fee.
  • Agent account administration through its own Control Panel with a pre-installed operating system.
  • RAID 6 technology storage system.
  • Free private DNS settings corresponding to the domain, ensure the stability and protection of customer data.
  • Upgrade resources within 5 minutes without interrupting the service.
  • Agents split the service pack themselves and decide on the retail price so there will be a HIGH profit.
  • Manage logins, monitor bandwidth, and capacity parameters.
  • Backup and restore data.

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