With the iPhone 8, Apple tearing itself out of its own rules

Two golden rules from the time of Steve Jobs are buried in oblivion. The information around the iPhone 8 is clearly showing that. The latest information from best tech new sites and Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities confirms that the iPhone 8 will be late. This model will launch and on the shelves one month later than usual. The cause is attributed to Apple’s difficulty in integrating the home key and touch ID under the glass.

From a business perspective, this does not affect much to Apple because the time on the shelves, though late but it is still the most exciting quarter in the fiscal year of the company. If the delay is over 6 weeks (means one and a half months), sales of iPhone 8 will be count in fiscal year 2018.


Rushing to bring new technology to the product, Apple is going against the tradition of the company. Photo: CultofMac.

But in terms of technology, 9to5Mac’s Ben Lovejoy thinks Apple is negating two long-standing principles of itself.

Principle 1: Not be the forefront of technology development

When a new technology is announced, Apple is often watching and waiting for rivals to do it first. Apple just brought it into the product when it felt really stable and useful.

For example, the first MP3 player was born in 1998, but by 2001 Apple sold the iPod. The first smartphones came out in the mid-90s, more than 10 years later the new iPhone appeared. Similarly, the fingerprint sensor is on the Motorola Atrix from 2011, until 2013 Apple brought it to the iPhone 5S.

Apple has never been a tech innovator. But it’s a pioneer in making technology useful, leading the user experience.


Principle #2: Apple only acts when there are clear, detailed plans

This tradition is the specialty of Steve Jobs, but it was under Tim Cook.

Apple is getting hasty, and there are always problems in the supply chain. Steve Jobs is not drawn to interesting ideas. He only starts mass production when supplies are stable and partners commit to meet the masses.

The changes in the mobile market and competitors like Samsung, Vivo, and Oppo have become more aggressive, making Apple unable to keep the two rules.

Users are fascinated by the Edge display, full front cover, home button under the glass, fast charger … and Apple’s competitors are always ready to do it, quickly and more mature.

Sophisticated and flawless is no longer Apple’s own. That motivates the company to be more active, and reach out to users in a different way.

Apple is tearing apart its principles. The consequences of this will depend on the time of verification. But now, it is predicted that Apple will make a lot of money with the iPhone 8.

Tim Cook may not be an artist like Steve Jobs, but still the consumer pickpocket masters. This is evident in recent products such as the Macbook with Touch bar but removing most of the ports, iPhone 7 audio jacks … cause the user to spend more money to buy the existing connections on the old Macbook and iPhone.

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